G'day mate, my name is Trent. I love God. I am a husband and a father. I was born and raised in Australia and now live in Tennessee. I am the owner of Just Me and My Mates providing non medical care to seniors in their own homes. Where I come from the word 'mate' is commonly used in conversation and means 'a close friend'.

The back story...

I spent some time living in Oregon. While there I was introduced to a lovely couple who lived alone together in town. Their 3 grown adult children were spread across the United States. They owned 30 acres and leased some of those acres to an organic farm.

We became fast friends and I would take the husband out for drives while his wife ran errands or staffed her antique store.

They are both fascinating people with a lot to say and a lot worth listening to. He retired from the Navy and Air Force becoming a farmer for the remainder of his working years. His wife was a farmer herself too.

My son loved their open farmland and flowers. I loved the husband's stories and cheeky wit. My wife loved their antiques and cats.

As I mentioned I would take him on drives around the nearby towns and he would have stories for just about every house we saw. He helped me learn the beautiful back roads of Oregon.

It was after one of these outings that the idea clicked for Just Me and My Mates.